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int kbot_SetProcVCore (unsigned int voltage)
int kbot_SetLeds (unsigned char value)

Function Documentation

int kbot_SetLeds ( unsigned char  value  ) 

This function changes the leds connected to IC on the KoreSDK.

Definition at line 81 of file kbot.c.

References KNET_BUS_ANY, knet_close(), and knet_open().

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int kbot_SetProcVCore ( unsigned int  voltage  ) 

This function changes the VCore voltage of the processor.

voltage required $V_{core}$ voltage in [mV] (range 600-1400)
An error code:
  • <0 on error
  • 0 on success

Formula used to calculate the Vdac voltage:

$V_{dac} = V_{fb} * (1 + \frac{R1}{R2} + \frac{R1}{R3}) - \frac{R1}{R2} * V_{core}$

$V_{fb} = 700[mV]$, $R1 = 4.7[k\Omega]$, $R2 = 1.5[k\Omega]$, $R3 = 2.2[k\Omega]$

Definition at line 52 of file kbot.c.

References KB_ERROR, KB_ERROR_OUTOFRANGE, LTC1663_BG, and ltc1663_SendCommand().

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